Organic7days is the shop brand name of Green Capsule Organics Pte Ltd.

It begins in 2013 with the single-mindedness of a lady who believes in rising above her circumstance. Alice has a frail body due to kidney failure since the tender age of 18. Hence, she truly understands the concept of “Eat well Feel well” as she has to make a conscious choice for healthy living. This transcends to what we do daily as Our Mission – Selecting food and beverages that are life enhancing, organic or natural and making it widely available to all, at an affordable price.

We are a personable food and beverage wholesaler who began our import and distribution business with organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, coconut-based foods and personal care products for hair and skin. Since then, we have grown to include a variety of trending superfoods such as organic seeds, grains, dried fruits and exotic nuts mix. Vegetable enzymes, Apple Cider Vinegar, healthy green noodles and other herb seasonings complete our portfolio.

In 2015, branching out into baby foods was the next natural development with the current emphasis on pure foods for babies. The focus was given to sourcing for delicious and wholesome, or organically certified foods and snacks for toddlers. With that, our baby food range has grown exponentially with now a complete range of foods suitable for conception to birth and onwards.

For Wholesale enquires, please email organic7days@gmail.com