About Us

About Us


Established in 2013, Green Capsule Organics has evolved from a distributor of organic food products into a Singapore-based brand. Our commitment is to provide delicious baby food and functional foods for adults and the elderly. We are passionate about creating wholesome, nutritionally balanced food.

Two years ago, we introduced “Deliciously Bib,” our own SG brand of baby food, made with natural and wholesome ingredients. We offer a variety of options inspired by Asian heritage. Our goal is to provide babies with a nutritious and flavourful start in life.

Additionally, recognizing the dietary needs of adults and the elderly, we created “Recipe with Love,” a line of functional foods designed to enhance well-being. These products prioritize exceptional taste and nutritional value to support a healthy lifestyle.

Quality is paramount at Green Capsule Organics. We practice ethical sourcing and diligently oversee our food preparation and production procedures, ensuring not only compliance with mandatory food safety regulations but surpassing the legal requirements.

Our mission remains constant: delivering good, wholesome, and nutritionally beneficial foods to all age groups. Join us on our journey to inspire and nourish individuals with exceptional and healthy food.

Our Value

We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being through our products.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation, merging natural ingredients with technology to create cutting-edge solutions.

We are committed to using high-quality, natural, and additive-free ingredients to deliver nutritious and delicious food products.

Commitment to Generations:
We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the needs and preferences of individuals across all generations, contributing to their overall health and wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to proactively manage their health and wellness through the creation and distribution of our range of food and products. Through ongoing innovation, we blend natural, additive-free ingredients with cutting-edge technology to offer you the most nutritious, clean-label, and delicious food that is gentle yet effective. Our products are infused with distinctive Asian flavors that cater to the preferences of the young, adults, and the elderly alike. It’s our commitment to provide wholesome solutions for all generations.

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